How To Use Beeminder To Become An Early Riser – Part I

Beeminder is a goal tracking website and an app. If you’re having trouble staying motivated to achieve your goals—whether it’s exercising every day or keeping your email inbox empty or in our case getting up early every day—Beeminder will help you track your progress, and keep you motivated you by charging you whenever you fall behind. As long as you have a quantifiable goal and most of our goals are quantifiable, Beeminder is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable. Below you will find 7 steps on how to create a Beeminder goal so you can use it to kickstart your habit of waking up early.

Step #1: Create an account over at Beeminder.

Step #2: Click on “create new goal”.

Next thing Beeminder wants to know is “how will you track your progress?” So you can choose between “Adding progress directly to Beeminder yourself, via web, email, Slack, or mobile apps” or “Or connect to a service to have your progress sync automatically” like Gmail, Duolingo, Fitbit and so on. What this is asking you is basically “are you going to report to Beeminder yourself manually or is some kind of service going to do that for you?” For some goals it’s possible to automate everything. For example, if you were learning French on Duolingo which has a system where you are earning points as you learning and practicing French, in that case you could automate things in a way where Duolingo is automatically sending data, more specifically the points you earned in Duolingo directly to Beeminder. So instead of logging to Beeminder every day and entering let’s say 20 Duolingo points, Duolingo can automatically do that for you. However, for some goals like waking up early it’s not possible to automate everything, at least not at the moment. So we are going to choose “add progress directly to Beeminder yourself”.

Step #3: Select a goal type.

Obviously we are not here to lose or gain weight and we want to wake up early as many days as possible we are gonna select “do more” type of goal because like it says here it`s “for habits you want to do more of”. In this section it’s basically asking you to breakdown your goal. You have a couple of options here but how I usually do it is leave it “per week”.  And now you have to decide how many times per week do you want to wake up early and do your morning routine. Is it 4 times per week, 7 times per week? Actually 7 times per week which is every day might be too ambitious when you are starting out, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. I would recommend putting 5 times per week at this stage. Make 5 times per week a minimum you are demanding of yourself. It’s basically 5 days during the week and then on the weekends you can either cut yourself some slack or still get up and do your routine. If you are still not sure what to put here, you can still change it later but it will take effect after 7 days. Ok so let` put here 5 days per week.

Step #4: Define units for the goal.

You can put here mornings or days. Mornings you get up early or days you get up early. It doesn’t matter, just pick either of those. Let’s write “mornings”. Next you have an option. If you tick this “start this goal with extra leeway”. So if you tick this option then you can add let’s say 6 days of buffer time meaning you have 6 days until you derail and Beeminder charges you money. My general rule of thumb is to multiply the days from now when you plan on getting up by 2. So for example, if you plan on waking up early tomorrow which is 1 day from now so 1×2 equals 2. In that case you would put 2 in here. If you plan on waking up early 2 days from now the you would multiply 2 by 2 which equals 4 so you would put in 4 here. If it’s 3 days from now then 3 x 2 equals 6.